Types Of Trade Show Displays


A trade show display is a device which is usually graphic made to be applied to trade shows or fairs. The screens come up in various forms depending on cost, complexity, and size. They are manufactured to serve different purposes. They are used by various business organizations to define a particular aspect the company is dealing with or what they are trying to put across. Structures which are usually supported from the roof over the trade show booth are also referred to as a trade display. Exhibition space is mainly rented by business firms and then incorporates various features on a trade show display to attract potential customers. The Pop Up Displays are commonly used in the trade shows display. Examples of trade display are as follows;


Table displays

kjkjjkjkjkjkTable display consists of a metal frame which is small in size. By use of mechanical fasteners, it can collapse to its structures within the structure. According to its structure, it is usually placed on the table for support. The show contractor always provides the table where the show display will be set.

Throw covers displays

Sometimes they can be referred as table covers show. In this type of display, a table is used by an exhibitor as a branding device. Throw cover screen is usually eased to set, and it does not require many workers working on it.

Pipe and drape display

Pipe and drape displays usually consist of metal frames which are aided by base plates and cross beams are incorporated whereby the fabric is tied. The metal frames are straight and in an upright position. The fabric drape is usually of a neutral color in which it is incorporated with the show’s term. Depending on the firm’s show, it can be used on a single set or in series. They do not support additional loads within their structure.

Pop up displays

Pull up display is another name or title used to describe them. Poll up display is a type of display that uses a graphic panel which is flexible and incorporated into a roller which is loaded with springs. They are usually light in weight. Little human resources are required when transporting it from one place to another. They exist in different forms such as curved in shape and vertically shaped.

Banner stands

ghghghghghghghBanner stands are usually small in size. It consists of a single large graphic which is supported by an upright frame. They are light in weight and can be transported from one place to another without difficulties. Examples of banner stands include banner stands which are retractable, banners which are scroll motorized and so on.