Hair Implant Therapy

a balding man

Balding is a common problem in men. It involves the loss of hair due to genetic or environmental factors. It is treatable through hair implants where hair follicles that are resistant to balding are implanted on the bald scalp. Hair transplantation is also demanded by a few women with sparse hair. There are several things to consider when you are planning to have a hair transplantation. The Clinic that you choose matters just like how skilled your surgeon will be. Here is a beginner’s guide to hair implant therapy.

Plan for the procedure in advance

balding manIf you are thinking of having a hair implant therapy, prepare for it in good time. You expect to resume work after about a week after the surgery. If the procedure is successful, you also expect to notice changes after about 6-9 months. For this reason, make the necessary arrangements to avoid inconveniences.

Quit smoking and drinking alcohol at least for some time before you go for the procedure. This will enhance the overall success level of the procedure. Other lifestyle changes may also enhance the success level of your procedure a great deal and you may need to consider them.

Do your assignment

On top of planning, before you go for the hair implant procedure, make sure that you know everything about it. Understand what it entails and what its possible results are. Know the side effects- you can be sure there will be some. For example, your scalp may become very tender after the procedure. Consider post-operative care. You always need to take come safety precautions after a surgical procedure. You will need to take some anti-inflammatory drugs here, for instance. Consult your surgeon whenever you have any doubt.

Hire only the qualified surgeons

Although hair transplantation is a minimally invasive procedure, it should be done by a qualified surgeon. A skilled surgeon knows which harvesting method to apply and which surgery type to apply for the best results. Among other conditions, the original hair orientation should be maintained after the procedure.

This is only possible with a skilled surgeon. Hair transplantation methods have also changed of late and they continue to change every day. A qualified surgeon will keep abreast of these changes. Generally, when it comes to your head, you cannot afford to pick any surgeon. You only pick those that have been tried and tested.

Determine the total cost

man with hair lossYou should have a rough idea of the overall cost of the therapy before you begin. Several factors determine the cost of hair transplantation, including the nature of the hair, the amount of hair required for the transplantation and the surgical approach adopted by the surgeon. Every case is a special case here since each head is different from the other. Overall, you don’t need to have the salary of a football star to afford hair transplantation. There are various ways of cutting down the total cost and you can make the whole procedure a bargain if you are keen on sticking to your budget.

In summary, hair transplant is a simple procedure but it requires proper preparation especially for beginners. Since it is a beauty procedure, it shouldn’t be done in a hurry. The focus should be on getting the best results.