Implementing Lean Manufacturing


Establishing a plan of action is the first thing that you need to do if you wish to implement lean manufacturing philosophies. You need to learn how to guide to Lean until your business gets to where you want it to be. Make targets and timeliness that are attainable, with milestones to keep you on track. Bear in mind that not everyone is usually receptive to change, so ensure that you find time to keep all company members abreast of any progress you make. You should also realize that implementing lean is a process that will never end. It is everything to do with continuous improvement at all time.

Facts To Know

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Training is usually a key factor when it comes to implementing any new concept or idea. The training should be done in a top-down manner to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Ensure that everyone understands what lean is about as well as the reasons and benefits of implementing it. It might also help to explain how everyone will benefit from the entire concept. Focus only on the aspect of lean manufacturing that will translate to the most benefits to your company.

Implementing 5S

There are some approaches to choose from for implementing lean manufacturing. Where the company is currently and what you already have in place will mainly be the determinants of the approach to be used. For most cases, however, implementing 5S as the first move towards lean will be the best option.

The reason for this is because it can be applied alone, without lean, and it is likely to offer the most benefits to the company within the shortest time. Your created schedule should guide you through the employees and management training dates on that.

Waste elimination

Eliminating waste is the basic lean manufacturing concept. Make sure that every company member has an understanding of the seven types of waste, where they are found, and ways to identify and eliminate them. Let all the company members actively identify and try to eliminate some of the wastes. Start by eliminating the most costly waste sources and remember to document all the activities.

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Once the place is already better, with some waste areas eliminated, everyone will begin to see the seriousness of implementing lean. Other aspects of lean, which might be more time-consuming, will now, come into play. You need to arrange everything in a logical order to highlight some waste areas that might not be so obvious. Standardized work now comes in. The areas of production will need to begin performing tasks in a manner that is repetitive.

Other tools

You now need to implement the Kanban, starting with finished goods. After that, you will need to level production. Finish off the major considerations by implementing Just-In-Time production.