Essentials For Long Boarding

Longboarding has been there for a couple of decades now. It has become very popular among the youths, and some have become great pros. It is meant to imitate the water surfing, but the long board is done on land. The boards need to have rollers for easy movement. Companies have also emerged to design some of the Best Longboards that are very convenient. For someone to use longboards there are essentials that they must understand.

Longboarding gear

As a longboarder, one needs to be very careful so as to be protected in case an accident occurs. Wearing sfzgfhxprotective gear, especially for extreme riders, is not optional. The gear would include knee and elbow protectors. The head helmet is the most important as it can protect riders from head injuries in case if any accident. Another important component is the type of shoes you wear. They must be comfortable and well fitting. Their grip on the surface of the board should be not compromised.

The deck

The material that makes the deck should be very durable and reliable. Most of them are made of carbon fiber, maple or bamboo. Carbon fiber offers the most durable high-end decks while bamboo is the cheapest and lightest. Decks also give the longboards their shapes. Most of them are either flat or bent. Having a deck that is convenient for the intended purpose is very important.

The wheels

sdfsgfzhfgxNo wheels, no movement. Hence, these are crucial components of a longboard. They ensure that the boards roll smoothly. While assembling a longboard ensure to include wheels that are durable and mounted comfortably to the deck. Some wheels are coated with rubber for smoother riding. However, rubber is mostly for cruiser types. Downhill types require solid material due to their fast rolling. The bearing that ensures even smoother rolling is also a crucial component. They need to be lubricated well at all times. Before doing any activity with a longboard, it is important to ensure that you confirm that the wheels are firmly screwed.


Brakes are very important as they assist in stopping. Having reliable brakes can save an accident from occurring. They are mostly applicable for cruisers and not downhill types or free ride types.

The trucks

Lastly, we look at the trucks. They are long T – shaped handles that are screwed to the deck. Mostly, they are made of metal. They have a king pin that helps the riders to turn and make moves. They provide an axle bar that connects the wheels.