All You Need to Know about Hiring an Aviation Accident Lawyer


Statistically, traveling by plane is safer than by road. However, when accidents to occur, they usually involve a lot more casualties, more severe injuries, and more fatalities.

If you or a family member have been injured or suffered psychological damage, or you have sadly lost a loved one in an aviation accident, you may well be entitled to claim damages against the airline. Amounts of up to $15 million have successfully been claimed in damages after a ruling of wrongful death due to a plane crash.

The Aftermath of Airline Accidents

111ncjehfyuoClaiming damages for death or injury caused by an airplane or helicopter accident is rarely simple, and cases can often drag on for years.This is because it is not always clear what caused the accident and extensive research and investigation must be carried out by experts before deciding whether the blame lies with the airline personnel, ground control, maintenance crews, part manufacturers or passengers. In many cases, there are several factors at play and many people may be charged with partial responsibility.

Plane crashes also usually involve more than one victim, so it may be more appropriate to join with other injured parties for a class-action suit.All this can be very distressing and stressful for the individuals and families involved in dealing with the accident itself, and often a lot of publicity and media coverage due to the public nature of such accidents.It’s, therefore, important to find an experienced aviation accident lawyer to act on behalf of accident victims, and ensure sufficient compensation is granted.

Choosing an Airplane Accident Lawyer

33 cxmnskdiIn many cases, lawyers representing injured parties in plane crashes will work on a contingency basis, meaning no payment will be due unless the case is won. This provides a risk-free way for clients to claim damages without the chance of losing their own money.

It’s important to choose a lawyer who is experienced in aviation accident cases, due to the complexity involved. A certain level of expertise in aviation law is certainly required.Some aviation accident lawyers also offer in-house investigators, who use engineers and pilots to reconstruct accidents and ensure the responsible parties are identified, and the maximum compensation can be claimed.

You may also wish to look for a specialist law firm with partners that have experience as pilots as well as in law. Such experience provides a unique perspective into aviation laws and practices, which can provide a vital advantage in fighting your case.